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Director of Photography/Editor

There's more to everyone around you then what they let you see.

At 8 years old my family sold everything we owned and left our home to study music
That turned into touring the country for 12 years—with the vision of impacting the world for good through music! Not a lot of people know that about me, now you do! 

I am not here simply to film or photograph all the COOL features of your company, your AMAZING idea, your FANTASTIC skill in fishing or snowmobiling, or even your EPIC climb up Mount Everest!


You: "So what are you doing??" -


Back to me: "I'm here to discover WHY you do this, and how you got there!"


My Name is Sean Walker! I'm a Photographer, a Videographer and a Storyteller. My absolute JOY is in connecting with YOU so that we can share your timeless moments and heart filled purpose with the world!

Everyone has a story to tell: what's your story? Let's tell it!

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