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We are local Alaskan Storytellers
here's a sample ;)


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     JOSEPH            SEAN            AMMON

Hello there! Sean here, writing on behalf of the RedHanded Productions gang :).

A little about us: We spent our early childhood here in AK, then left for literally 12 years with our family to tour the country as a family band! We've performed in every state but Hawaii, so that's on our bucket list for sure. Whilst touring, we needed a photographer and a videographer for our band, so I was like "hey! I'll do it!". So we bought a cool camera andddd... jump ahead a few years and we retired from being a traveling band, and now all of my brothers and I get to create epic videos and photos for people all over the country as our full-time gig!

We're based in the Matsu Valley, and we're super down to travel anywhere in the State, the Country, and even anywhere in the World!

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